4 Make-Up Trends You May Have Missed


As you may know… or not, we’ve been working with beauty/cosmetics brands and retailers for so many years that we became a beauty expert. When we say beauty, we mean all kinds of beauty products: make up, skincare, perfumes… even baby diapers. We know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

Here is our compilation of 2019 make up trends:

1. Faux Freckles

Thanks to beauty icons like Meghan Markle – who insisted to show hers through her wedding make-up – freckles became the hottest new make up trend

2. Electric Eyeliner

As seen on several superstars at Golden Globes or Met Gala for some, and Kendall Jenner with that lime green liner she flaunted not too long ago on Instagram, electric eyeliner is having a major moment.

3. Clear Skin

Glowing skin is in but now with a more natural approach. Heavy contours and highlights seem to be out, and bronzers and cream blushes are the new go-to for making our faces look softer, younger, and more radiant.

4. Plump Lips

We’re not talking the plump lips you get with lip injections, but the effect you get from a plumping lip gloss. High-shine gloss makes a difference, and there are a bunch of brands on the market who are offering some major quality improvements.